I wanted to share a simple thanks for the time you spent with me during our reading last week. I knew that New Orleans would be a magical place and the perfect opportunity to re-connect with my soul and soak in some witchy spirit. You contributed to an experience I will cherish for the rest of my life.


I found you through Instagram (I think). Meeting you helped confirm and validate that I am on the right path. I'm so grateful to your insight and guidance for lifting me up in my own power and energy. You provided a sense of familiarity, calmness, and comfort  during our hour at Fatima's Cozy Corner. The way you tapped into my connection with mother nature, animals, and my own feminine energy was so special to me. Thank you for providing the space to share my experiences and the gifts I’ve been receiving with love and support from my grandmother, abuela, and other spirit guides. 


-Ruth Linnert

I had to reach out to thank you so much for our reading.

Seriously floored. Your advice and insight is so spot on. You are amazing and I cannot thank you enough.

I’m definitely going to be booking with you again, and will be recommending you to friends.You are a rare real one.

From the bottom of my heart, bless you.

Alexandria Luz

You did a past life regression on me where you joined me to three of my incantations. 


To this day, I am full of gratitude for the ways you united me to me. 

Thank you. 


Your words are prophetic. Thank you for seeing into me and thank you for holding that space for me. 


-Frank Vidal 

There was so much magic and medicine in the reading! From every word you told her, to being able to hear her own voice and how timid/unsure she sounded (completely out of character for her!).


Thank you. 

Lisa Sanchez