My (new) message to people on appropriation and privilege in the spiritual community (Inclusivity)

Updated: Sep 20, 2019

During #ayahuasca I was helped through a very rough healing journey by people who were cis white males. I had a realization that everyone CAN be a healer. HOWEVER I also wanted to note that though these men can heal, that doesn’t mean they are necessarily doing work to break down power struggles. This is where I find a huge problem with #spiritual community especially with white peoples who think erasing race is better than talking about it. If we don’t talk about race and power, we are not healing together, we are healing in a space that holds your white comfort but not my ancestral pain of racism. I’m writing this for all my people, but especially my white community. I DO love you. I DO think you can heal me and I can help heal you, but healing has to happen under the acknowledgment of my race and how me and my people are oppressed. We are suffering and dying. For some reason it’s easy for people to learn and dive into the traditions of POC but it’s so hard for them to listen to POC about racism.Too often I hear dialogues with POC about how white people can’t be healers and I think this is wrong as well. When I say I want to break down systems of racism it means I also have to voice opinions like this that are about inclusivity of white people. I believe that all humans can heal BUT there needs to always be a race consciousness and white people need to let people of color lead and make money for themselves so that we can have racial equity. White people in the healing community should be conscious of how they make money off spirituality that is not from their culture, they need to give back to those people, the poorest and most marginalized.

Without this consciousness, healing is ego centric and being USED and commodified while natives and other POC suffer. Many of us indigenous folks are part of the cultures from which medicinal healing originates yet the majority of us are not represented in media and conferences. It is important we focus on lovingly

addressing racism and power structures. We POC deserve the recognition, money and power roles that white people are taking from us when talking about our medicine. You can still provide and participate, but the roles of shamans and educators should be prioritized for people of color. People of color are already being denied space and discriminated against in the real world. THIS IS LITERALLY OUR ANCESTRAL PRACTICES so why are we not the figure heads and experts being featured in books, conferences and articles? It’s stupid that racial inequity exists in African traditional religion and in indigenous spirituality, This baffles me.

Spirit is where we come to heal, and this is the true space where we can transmute energy and create change. My new dialogue is inclusive and open and letting y’all practice what you want with respect! It’s okay to love and want our medicine and magick but don’t STEAL IT and use it for profit. I won’t stop calling out appropriation and I will continue to point out when white people take too much ownership and power over our indigenous traditions. Let’s get the commodifiers out TOGETHER.

NO HEALING WITHOUT RACIAL CONSCIOUSNESS! NO HEALING WITHOUT CONTEXT OF OPPRESSION OR ABOUT POWER STRUCTURES! NO HEALING WITHOUT UPLIFTING TRANS AND DISABLED COMMUNITY. Spirituality is great for all of us and we can all find the sacred in whatever we want, but we need to change up the power dynamics and white people need to be able to handle this dialogue and listen to us POC.

I made this post because I want to acknowledge that I have and support white community and that part of anti-racist work is allowing white people to heal with us when the time is right and if it feels right.

During ceremony My white brother looked like he was doing some angel work on someone and it really touched me. You see, when I let him and others just be and heal, true transformation happened. I hope that these white people can also sit down with me and talk about their privilege. Surely we can all get behind an agenda of holding each other accountable, making things more equitable and letting white people into our practices if they promise not to colonize them.

One of the things I hear in communities is that white people particularly white men can’t heal or be healers. While I think that there are white supremacists out there, I think it’s important to share the message that ALL OF US even white men and womxn and people can help. I’m mostly making this post because I hear in some POC communities that there is some exclusion of white people from spirituality and healing. I believe that we still need to be critical and CAREFUL of who we encounter and who we let heal us, but more open and loving as well. Whenever I post about white supremacy people get very hurt and sensitive and they forget that I also believe in things like this, and that I do uphold and want the white community to heal! Race is important in healing, and sometimes a person of your own race may feel more comfortable for your healing experiences. There is nothing wrong with wanting a practitioner who reflects you and understands you.

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