Sarsaparilla Oil Ritual Guide

Thank you so much for making a purchase from my spiritual shop! I put so much love and dedication into every product. It is my intention that you can achieve your wishes and work magick easily into your life with the help of these products.

Included in your kit today is:

One bottle of oil (in bubble wrap)

The oil is called “lucky sarsaparilla” because it contains the root sarsaparilla. I use herbs that are common in mexican witchcraft and make them the center of the magick. The oil also has pyrite crystal, “abre camino” a road opening herb, jezebel for commanding and attracting riches, and another blend of “secret” herbs to manifest. The scent is grapefruit, because grapefruit attracts a positive vibe to the aura and helps calm the mind.

Sticker : for your use anyway you want

2 colored candles

Silver is the color of the moon, so use this candle on a full or new moon to work energy in your favor. Other colors use as directed by your intuition and spirit guides

1 Piece of Papyrus from Egypt

Papyrus is used for magical petitions and recording information. It has been a tool of manifestation since ancient times. You can write on this with ink or pen. Keep the papyrus in a safe place or on the altar until your petition comes true. You can also put the papyrus nicely rolled up in a witch bottle of your own, or in a charm bag.

1 witch bottle of herbs for manifesting (anything) you want

The witch bottle is a common spell used to work energy. Your witch bottle contains the following herbs (please research them and also pray to these herbs)

Place the jar on your altar and use for prayer rituals, for portable magick, you can even bury the witch bottle after a full or new moon near a tree to help it grow.

Star anise (good for wishing and psychic awakening)

Bee Pollen: Manifesting and luck, egyptian magick, beauty and love, also used for health

Witch Hazel: Herb of the Moon

Wormwood: Herb of the moon and spirit summoning

Helichrysum: Helichrysum assists in cutting through emotional blockages, breaking through circulatory thought patterns, and shedding light on even the darkest most parts of the soul

Rose petals: love attracting and good vibration/health

Suggested Rituals for the Oil

“Balance my Energy” Spell

Typically, day to day life can cause an imbalance in the energies we hold. Use the oil on your hands, empower them to be liberated of bad energy, and then rub the oil on a candle. Burn the candle. Write a petition to balance your energy in all aspects. Focus on the energy of the “scales” (libra) for 10 minutes during meditation. You can also use this specific affirmation/spell. The Goddess of thes cales is “Ma’at” or Santa Muerte as well as any other deity associated with justice or judgement

“Through the power of this oil I command my energies to be balanced. Through my willpower I command that all energy channels be cleared of bad and stuck energy. Through my willpower I command all illness be warded off me and my family. I command the vibrations of love, healing and luck to come into my life, so mote it be.”

I’m a Luck Magnet Spell

This spell is easy, all you have to do is bless the oil bottle on your altar. You can use the silver candle to do this ritual, use it to command light and the moon’s energy into your bottle to help you manifest. You should hold the oil bottle closely to your heart and program an intention onto it. Place in your purse/bag and now you have portable luck for every day! Wear the oil on your wrists, dab a bit on your feet and say the affirmation “wherever I go, luck finds me”

For extra potency, carry a small magnet, crystal or lodestone in the purse or place the oil next to your wallet at night. You can lightly dust the wallet with crushed herb powder, and anoint the wallet or purse opening/zipper for luck

Bath Potion for Mighty ness

Gather your loose leaf herb blend and a nice silver bowl or glass bowl. Put herbs in bowl, add 2 cups of bath salt, and ½ cup of baking soda (baking soda is great for skin). Bless these herbs with prayer. Add 10 drops of your magical oil and blend.

Bathe for 30 minutes, pat dry and then anoint yourself with 2-3 drops of oil before bed.

“Through this healing water, I baptize myself with mighty power. I call into my body energies of luck. I increase my commanding powers. I am capable of manifesting my dream life.”

Then envision yourself surrounded by bright gold light.

Write ONE petition on the papyrus and carry around with you.