A carefully curated kit for all your witchy needs in October! Don't be a bad witch and go without performing spells. This makes sure you have everything you need to manifest and make the best of the witchiest season of the year.

Included in the kit is everything pictured
1 Exorcism and Purification Black Salt Bath 
(Made with medicinal boldo, relaxing skull cap to relax the nervous system, and witch’s grass to remove evil eye, hexes and curses and unwanted energy) 
1 Palm Sized Tiger’s Eye Crystal Skull 
1 Mini Florida Water 
1 Mini Tarot Deck (Everyday Witch Tarot) 
1 Coffin Candle (Ancestral Magick and Curse Breaking) 
1 Pumpkin Candle (Abundance and Good Fortune) 
1 Silver Moon Candle 
3 Spells Oils 
(Dia de los muertos “raise the dead oil” for working with your ancestors and spirits of the dead, one curse and rompe mala suerte (break bad luck) oil, one Samhain oil made with butcher’s broom for divination and manifestation)
5nVials of Casting Herbs : 1 of flower powder for ancestral and healing spells, 1 boneset vial for removing negativity, one with mexican Damiana for love, sex and divination, one with graveyard dirt for “place magick” to call the dead to your spells and altar, one vial of witch hazel and wormwood for universal witchcraft use (used for dressing candles) 
1 vial of small garnet crystals for candle dressing and offerings or a portable charm 
3 sheets of Papel Picado for altar decor and offering to the dead 
1 colorful Zarape cloth  for your altar 
1 sheet of parchment 
1 large portable altar and storage box (unpainted) 

Dia de los muertos brujeria kit (pre order)

  • All items are hand made and curated carefully, so please allow 1 week for kit to ship and be patient. Kits may be available faster if in stock.