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Purple Santa Muerte Spiritual Cologne


This special Santa Muerte Spiritual Cologne is a multipurpose tool! A spiritual cologne is a scented product that you can use to invite the specific energy of Purple Santa Muerte into your spellwork. The Purple Santa Muerte helps amplify psychic skills and is associated with card reading and divination. 


To use this product pour some in a spray bottle and use as a spritz to cleanse your energy and to cleanse your spiritual tools, or you can add to floorwashes and spiritual baths to make them more potent.This can also be used to prepare your altar before spell work to ensure the energy is clear. Wipe the altar table down with this solution to make your spell more effective and to please Santa Muerte


This is a useful substitue for florida water in spells involved with Santa Muerte. 


Large 18 oz bottle will last you a long time! 


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